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A Capital Collection: Our History is Back in Fashion

  A Capital Collection takes you on a journey through time, recreating fashion to tell the story of the development of the National Capital. Liza Emanuele, renowned Adelaide fashion designer will officially open an exhibition on Thursday at The State Library of South Australia showcasing the fashions worn to four of the nation’s most significant events. ‘The exhibition provides South Australians with an opportunity to explore the social history of some Australia’s momentous occasion through fashion. What we wore, or remember people wearing is a trigger to recalling times past, and becomes an identifier of people, place and events,’ said Director of the State Library Mr Alan Smith. The exhibition includes outfits and accessories that could have been worn by an invitee to the event, one of the crowd, children if possible and either the military or service groups that provided the ceremonial support. Each exhibition has included original invitations and other memorabilia together with community photographs of the event, media articles of the major event or an associated function. The four major events depicted …

KickOn: a Tinder-like app to ‘change the way the world parties’

        KickOn, a revolutionarynew party events app, gives users access to underground parties amid Sydney’s pesky new lockout laws. Sydney has recently introduced 1:30am lockout laws and 3am last drinks and is having a major impact on CBD nightlife. This new ‘Tinder for parties’ app allows you to party and meet with random strangers – whether you’re 13 or 35. Founder Charles Stewart, a Sydney investment banker, created the app to connect party goers with party throwers, even after the doors of a club have closed. “KickOn provides students, introverts and extroverts and everyone in between with the opportunity and confidence to host house parties like never before and invite people they want party with – even if they’ve never met them. It’s a cool new way of bringing people together for a good time.” Mr. Stewart said. “The beauty of the app is that it can be used to host any party or event you like, from a university or fraternity party, a last minute 1am KickOn, a house-warming, an underground …

New web store promotes independent Australian designers

Striving to bring the world the best of independent and emerging Australian fashion, The Clique Arcade was founded by Perth brother and sister duo Ross Wyness and Storm Wyness. Ross says, “Free shipping on all products and a 24 hour funds transfer/ order dispatch system will be the key attraction for buyers”. “The problem smaller labels face is that they do not get seen in the fashion marketplace let alone in an already saturated online market. Our marketing strategy drives buyers to our website where they will find quality Australian independent and emerging designers allowing our talented designers to be seen and compete with the larger players.” Australian fashion has said to have made a huge impact on the world fashion stage within the past few years, and will continue to do so in years to come with the help of websites such as The Clique Arcade. The Clique Arcade’s website will be live from Friday 24 October 2014 and can be found at