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What happens in Vegas

Las Vegas is everything that anybody has ever told you, and more. You can’t comprehend it until you see it with your own eyes, and even then it’s pretty hard to believe.

The famous strip of lights, interesting characters and (what it seems like) a never ending access to booze will tantalise all of your senses, it’s basically a playground for adults.

The pure size of everything is almost overwhelming, with the infamous Caesar’s Palace taking up what it seems like 10 blocks it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

The colossal Caesar's Palace

The colossal Caesar’s Palace



When people kept telling me that I just had to check out Will Smith’s new movie The Pursuit of Happiness back in 2010 my expectations were through the roof and I was expecting myself to be leaving the cinema in an uncontrollable mess.

But it was quite the contrary. Sometimes when something has been worked up so much your mind has made unbelievably high expectations and when they’re not met you’re left feeling just ‘meh’.

Of course, there is always an exception to the rule, and this exception is Vegas. People cannot talk it up enough because when you get there your mind just can’t grasp how something can be so big and beautiful, booze hounds and loud bachelorette parties included.

The bright lights of the infamous strip

The bright lights of the infamous strip

Absolutely everyone there is ready to have a good time, whether it be a girl’s weekend or a summer vacay for a retired couple ready to take on the slots.

Like a moth to the flame Vegas attracts the lands most interesting characters. Just walk down the strip and try not to be hounded by a dishevelled Elvis impersonator charging $5 for a selfie.

Ladies, you are at a colossal advantage in Vegas. It was only after I nearly cried from excitement at the bar Coyote Ugly (yes they wear denim short shorts and dance on the bar) from receiving $1 vodkas for ladies night that I was told that pretty much every night in Vegas is ladies night.

By the end of it we had no idea where we went, what we did or who we were. Crawling down the hallway to our $55 room at Harrah’s with a sandwich in hand is one of the only things I can remember about the first night. The second night is a little less of a mystery.

Disheveled in the hallway at Harrah's (but still able to snapchat story the memorable moment)

Disheveled in the hallway at Harrah’s (but still able to snapchat story the memorable moment)

The best thing to do if you haven’t been to Vegas before is to set yourself up on a club crawl. World Crawl organises everything for you down to the minute and the staff make sure you’re having an amazing time. They take you through VIP to all clubs and organise drink specials on your behalf.

For a mere US$115 we got a two night invitation to see everything that the Vegas night life could offer us. We didn’t leave disappointed.

Here’s the basic run down (or everything that I can remember) about the nightlife in Vegas…


Blondies – they have beer pong tables there and flip cup championships. Yes, Americans actually do take this stuff rather seriously.

Cabo Wabo – Nope. No recollection what so ever.

Koi – Double nope

Chateau – Say hello to the first person to be refused entry to a Vegas night club due to intoxication (surely not but that’s what I thought at the time). Spent a good hour at the Planet Hollywood bar, smoking, sobering up and talking to an old couple from Missouri.


Coyote Ugly – Ever seen the movie? Yes, they’re all hot chicks with cowboy hats and rocking bodies. Yes, they actually dance to country on top the bar. Yes, they set that bar alight. Every American knows the words to the songs thought, so we just stood there like a game of ‘spot the Aussie’.

Foundation Room – the most beautiful view of the strip. Between drinking way too many cocktails and showing the Americans how well I could twerk, I remember stopping to see how incredible that view is. Definitely worth taking a look at.


The view from Foundation Room. If only those two drunk biddies would get out of the way


A photo of me trying to capture the view, but only capturing how drunk I was

A photo of me trying to capture the view, but only capturing how drunk I was

LAX Nightclub – a huge main room with everything that you’d expect from a Vegas nightclub. Dancers with bodies you can only dream of hanging from the ceiling and Circus Soleil performers are there to make that experience that extra bit awesome.

All in all, Vegas is a blur. But an incredible, hopefully not once in a life time kind of blur. If you’re looking for fun, a trip away from your own life and troubles, then Vegas is the perfect hideaway – the perfect anti-depressant. It’s literally impossible to not have fun in this city, no matter how much your head hurts in the morning.


Some famous sign we found




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