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Why you should be nicer to your next customer service, retail or sales representative

  1. They’re already having a shitty day

Chances are that they’ve already been spoken down to, yelled at, mentally abused, been called something horrible and demeaned as a human being at least three times before you even walked through the front door. How about you be the one to give them a break.

  1. They’re getting paid minimum wage

Full time retail is like the shit kicker job of the sales totem pole. They’re not getting paid nearly enough to be putting up with your carry on.

  1. They’re usually the ones standing between your problem and solution

They are the ones that have the power to either make a situation incredibly easy for you, or completely fudge it all up. Think of it as a partnership, a team almost, and treat them with the respect you would treat a team mate. I guarantee you that you’ll get the results you want faster than you thought.

  1. They don’t want to be there either

That smile you see on their face when they ask you if you need help. That’s a lie. They’ve uttered those four words (can I help you?) more in that day than you have in a year.

  1. Holidays are the best time of year for you, worst time of year for them

Long hours, angry shoppers, extended trading time, different promotional offers, excess stock, Santa hats, and Christmas carols on repeat. The list goes on and on.

  1. That laugh you are hearing is not their real laugh…

Every sales assistant has a customer laugh. That polite I-feel-sorry-for-you laugh you hear isn’t how they usually express their joy. If there was a book compiled of all of the dad jokes in the world, I almost guarantee a customer service rep would be the author. They’ve heard them all. The ol’ “there’s no price tag, it must be free” is a personal favourite.

  1. They’re not your psychologist, get in and get out

If you need to vent all of your problems onto someone get on the phone to your friends or invest in a therapist. Always know that the advice that the customer service advisor gives you is always going to be the worst, because they literally could not care less.

  1. Their bosses are down their neck about sales all the time

Don’t get bothered about them trying to up sell a product to you, it’s their job. The best thing you could do is listen to their spill and politely decline. Not interrupt half way through.

  1. They hate it when you hand them your credit card

The ATM machine is on your side of the counter for one main purpose. Because you are the customer making a payment. So why would you hand them your card, make them lean over the counter to process your payment for you? Maybe bring in your taxes next time you visit the store, I’m sure they’ll be able to do them too.

  1. If they could give you free shit, they would

Trust me, if they could give you a free jumper, 50% off, a free phone, a cheaper deal on those lamp shades that perfectly match your lounge set, they most definitely would.


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