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KickOn: a Tinder-like app to ‘change the way the world parties’





KickOn, a revolutionarynew party events app, gives users access to underground parties amid Sydney’s pesky new lockout laws.
Sydney has recently introduced 1:30am lockout laws and 3am last drinks and is having a major impact on CBD nightlife.

This new ‘Tinder for parties’ app allows you to party and meet with random strangers – whether you’re 13 or 35.

Founder Charles Stewart, a Sydney investment banker, created the app to connect party goers with party throwers, even after the doors of a club have closed.

“KickOn provides students, introverts and extroverts and everyone in between with the opportunity and confidence to host house parties like never before and invite people they want party with – even if they’ve never met them. It’s a cool new way of bringing people together for a good time.” Mr. Stewart said.

“The beauty of the app is that it can be used to host any party or event you like, from a university or fraternity party, a last minute 1am KickOn, a house-warming, an underground warehouse rave or a welcome to the neighbourhood BBQ.”

Stewart is embarking on a three week venture to the United States to find brand ambassadors and essentially build the app into an international brand.

KickOn will introduce a revolutionary new aspect of partying; a digital rating system where partgoers can rate a party out of five start.

This way, KickOn will then know where the best parties are in each country, each state and even each university in the world.

This is how the app works:

  • A party host uses the app to set up their party or event
  • The event goes live on the app
  • Party goers request to attend the event by swiping left or right
  • The host decides whether to invite people who have requested to attend
  • Only people who have been invited and have been sent a “Kicket” (a unique, scannable code which is scanned prior to entry) can attend
  • Party all day or night long
  • Get voted as the MVP (most valuable partier) at an event to enhance your reputation

Get your Van Wilder on and become a party liaison with KickOn today and help the world become a 24/7 party.

Visit www.kickon.com



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