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The Best and Worst things about the USA


1. A channel that airs nothing but back to back episodes of Forensic Files

Oh that’s right. There’s nothing better than a hangover day in your bed, eating munchies and watching the trashiest TV you can find. And what’s trashier than good ol Forensic Files?

2. Netflix

Netflix is responsible for the distribution of many shows that weren’t picked up by major networks. If it wasn’t for Netflix, shows like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and True Detective wouldn’t have reached the masses.

3. Food

Say audevoiur to old boring French fries and hello to fries paired with everything you can possibly dream of. Cheese fries, chilli cheese fries, nacho fries, disco fries, chicken parmy fries, cheeseburger fries, and pretty much anything deep fried. Don’t underestimate an Americans ability to find something to deep fry, because you’ll be surprised when you read “deep fried cheesecake” on the menu. You can definitely understand why Americans are amid a battle of the bulge, being inundated with oily, sugary, deep fried goodness

However, if you’re not feeling like the usual take away grub though there are places you can get delicious home cooked meals. New Orleans was our favourite spot for a meal, where we finally got our hands on a plate of food that wasn’t drowned in oil and fat. We enjoyed a meal of veggies and grilled fish, something that may not sound appetising, but when you’ve been travelling for months it’s refreshing eating something that tastes like home.


4. Some cities actually try to be healthy 

Contrary to the point that dot point number 3 made above, it’s nice to go somewhere and have a salad that’s not drowned in oil. LA feels like the birthplace of the healthy food phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. Freshly pressed juices are available on every corner and do it feels nice giving the body the nutrients it actually needs other than drowning your arteries in fat.

5.  Americans

The most welcoming and friendly people you will ever meet live in the south. Not only will they take you under their wing and show you their beloved city they call home, but you will probably meet their family while you’re at it. They are down to earth and eager to show the out of towners how things are done. They definitely made us feel like we were visiting a home away from home!


6. Having to tip everyone, even if they’ve done a shit job 

We literally had cab drivers refuse us to let us out of their car because we didn’t tip them enough. By the end of the trip you just learn that tipping isn’t necessarily for good service, but to avoid getting into an argument with the waiter or cabbie. Whatever happened to customer service?

7. Their adverts

You’re probably thinking, oh but all commercials are pretty bad aren’t they? Well, Americans take them to that extra level of cheese with over acting, stupid punch lines, and those pesky pharmaceutical ads that need to mention all of the side effects of the said pharmaceutical.

8. It ruins everything you thought you knew about Hollywood

Not only is Hollywood boulevard aan actual dive, when you tour the studios it ruins everything you have ever seen. On he silver screen you realise that all houses and rooms are actually filmed in studios and houses like Wisteria Lane are made of styrofoam. The same street you see as Gotham City in the early Burton Batman movies is the same set as this years release of Jersey Boys. Basically, everything you know and love about the escapism of cinema is destroyed with a 45 minute studio tour.

9. One cent coins

The bane of our existence. Nothing more can be said about these little pieces of copper that you find in abundance at the bottom of your bag once you’ve left the country.

10. Americans

Americans don’t do very much to disprove the ol stupid American stigma at all, because they’re exactly that. The amount of times we got asked if we spoke English or Australian became less of a joke and more of a concern. Also, their annoying, in your face kind of patriotism that in effect does not make you love the USA more, but conversely makes you want to like it that little bit less.


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