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Things Betty White is older than


Currently holding the Guinness World Record for having the longest TV career, Betty White has developed a reputation for being everyone’s favourite on screen gran. From beginning with her infamous role on the Golden Girls to singing Lil John’s classic “Get Low” in The Proposal, Betty has won over the hearts of the world over. One thing that doesn’t cross our minds though is how old she really is. Born January 17, 1922 Betty White is surprisingly older than a lot of everyday items…

1. Penicillin 1928

2. Photocopiers 1937

3. Ballpoint pens 1938

4. Sunglasses 1929

5. Television 1925

6. Bubble gum 1928

7. PEZ candy 1927

8. Cheeseburger 1924 

9. LSD 1938

10. Monopoly 1933


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