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Worst Kind of People

Now, Nazis and Satanists aside, this list compiles those retched people you and I may bump in to on a daily basis. Those small, but oh so significant, encounters with this elite class of human being will be enough to ruin anyone’s day…

 1.Drivers that don’t say thank you

This one is a no brainer. Humankind doesn’t delve often in random acts of kindness, so when they do they deserve a slight wave of the hand. When we let you in, we’re not asking for you to jot down our number plate, follow us to work, and drop off a bouquet of beautifully arranged flowers. We’re asking for a half a second of your time to appreciate the 10 seconds we’ve just saved you sitting in traffic.

2. People who don’t leave doors open for you 

Didn’t take a second to hold the door open for the next person walking through? Congratulations! Someone you have never met, who knows nothing about your life, who hasn’t seen what a decent human being you may well be, now thinks you’re a total wanker. Look, I’m not expecting people to jump at the chance to open doors for me, but when I’m walking two steps behind, do me the honours.

3. Hipsters

A whole generation of grandpa jumper wearing, bicycling riding, triple J listening boys and girls who are all trying hard to be different. Agreeing with common belief is too mainstream and if a cool soft rock song hits the radio they will claim to have heard it two years ago.

4. The loud and obnoxious

Those people that you can hear coming from a mile away that don’t lower their voice anything below 40 decibels. It’s like they’re convinced that the people in the next suburb over should hear their hilarious story or if they’re not the loudest people in the room no one will be able to hear them.

5. Parents who don’t control their kids in public areas

There’s really nothing more that I love than to hear the sultry smooth sound of a screaming child within the height of their temper tantrum while I’m on my lunch break. Wrong. Not agreeing in child abuse in the slightest, but I fear the day that these brats are going to be the ones in charge of powerful decisions. I assume that these humans are the ones that grow up to be the drivers that don’t say thank you.

6. People that let you know everything they’re thinking via social media

Just ate dinner, was delicious #masterchef. What beautiful weather today might go for a run. Craving McDonalds but it isn’t my cheat day #shredding. Look, believe it or not, the world of Facebook could actually go a day without hearing about what you ate, who you saw, how you communed to work, or the mark that you got on your uni assignment.

7. Those who squirt sauce all over their fries as opposed to a dipping pool on the side

One word: selfish. These are the people that don’t want to share their food, as they well know that the more they make their food sticky, mushy and unappealing the less they will have to share around.

8. People who allow their child to kick the back of your seat on the plane 

You hate it when it happens to you so why don’t you think it will affect my flight? Children on planes should have their own private section of the cabin, where they can kick each others seats and cry as much as their little hearts content.

9. Close-minded people

It’s their warped middle age way of thinking or it’s the highway. Those that you try to explain new age ideas like gay marriage, feminism or politics to and all information goes through one ear and out of the other. These people usually use the Bible, Wikipedia or A Current Affair as their factual resource, or some have no factual information whatsoever, just feelings and grudges.

10. People who don’t say “bless you” when they’re the only person who heard you sneeze

These people admittedly do fall behind those who don’t accept the “bless you” because they’re an atheist.


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